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The Inspiration For The Cat's Meow Store



Hello, my name is Gina. 

Welcome to The Cat's Meow Store! Thank you for visiting.

I am a crazy cat lover as I am sure you can tell from my products. The Cat's Meow Superstore offers a wide variety of pet clothing, pet accessories, toys. We have a vast collection of cat-themed stylish clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor, garden, seasonal and special themed items.  We specialize in uncommon & hard to find items for the distinctive shopper. We have many exclusive products not found in comparable stores.

OUR MISSION We strive to provide the best service possible, highest quality and widest selection of unique products at the lowest prices possible. 

Where our name came from: 

I named my store the Cat's Meow because of

The Cat's Meow expression originated during the Roaring Twenties and became immensely popular across America. It's meaning was used to describe something or someone as being really, really, excellent, as well as new and exciting, with a little bit of sexiness thrown in. 

“Wow, look at Madison, she’s a stunner in that dress, alright. She’s definitely the Cat’s Meow!” 

Our store is exactly that! The Cat's Meow

In the beginning

I have always been a cat lover. I actually started to express my love and appreciation for cats about ten years ago when I set up a Facebook page called crazycatladyg.


I had joined (liked) just about every cat lover site on Facebook

The reason is that I especially loved:

  • Pictures
  • GIFS
  • Cats playing videos
  •  Personal stories
  • Cats dressed in costumes and clothes

I also kept seeing posts about animal cruelty and it absolutely infuriated me.

I also kept reading about everything I could in the “Cat News” especially about 

Animal Rights Development

I then decided through my Facebook page I would gather all his information in one place.

I  now also belong to several social media sites: Twitter, Pin interest, Tumbler, Instagram, Google+.

To help raise social awareness.

 My Inspiration

I was such a crazy cat lover, I thought would it not be nice if there was a place where could I find variety, quality, unique Cat themed products at wholesale prices all in one place?

With all my extensive research I did not find any let alone did this type of store I sought out did not seem to exist or I just could not find them. I could not really find a store with a variety of products that met my needs.

I then thought” Maybe I should set up a store to fill this gap in our current market”. After serious thought, I believe my store’s driving desire was inspired by not being able to find the type of products that met my needs.

Setting Up 

In my store I was also looking for:

Finding cat-themed products all in one place. I thought how nice it would be to visit a store like that. I thought why not build a store where cat lovers like me could visit.

 I wanted to set up a store where its purpose was to provide:

  •  Variety
  • High quality
  • Unique
  • Low-cost products

Especially for people in similar circumstances to me.

I am disabled and was on a very limited income 


  1. Why do people buy what they do?
  2.  How could ensure I could provide the products they need and want?
  3. How could I ensure that people would buy my product?

    I then came up with the concept I call the seven R’s

    Buying 101- My 7 Reasons

    1. Price: Inexpensive
    2. Quality
    3. Variety
    4. Uniqueness: Everybody wants something different from the norm.
    5. What does the customer need or want from the product?
    6. What feeling does the product provoke in the customer?
    7. What is the ending ultimate result?
    •  Satisfaction
    •  Fulfillment
    • Pride

    Answering these questions within myself I knew

    •  I was passionate about cats.
    •  I would dedicate my website to just seeking “everything cats”.


    Now came the hard part. Where would I find products that I could sell that fit my criteria?

    • Quality
    • Variety
    • Unique
    • Inexpensive wholesale prices
    • Fits the needs of my target audience:
    1. Definitely cat lovers
    2. Pet lovers
    3. Women and men 20 and up
    4. Limited budget
    5. Middle income

       Being a crazy cat loving parent I knew there were many people out there just like me who wanted to express and show their love and admiration, dedication for these beautiful loving fur babies. I then incorporated the All Cat Theme line. I added the following product categories for our cat's human companions:

      • Apparel
      • Jewelry
      • Pajamas
      • T-shirts
      • Slippers
      • Shoes
      • Head-wear 

      Accessories such as

      • Purses
      • Handbags
      • Totes
      • Cosmetic Bags and Cases
      • Beauty Items
      Nail Art
      Body Art

      and much more!

       Later I thought, what would a cat theme be without a

      Famous Cat Collection? This Collection will be coming soon!

      • Garfield
      • Hello Kitty
      • Grumpy Cat
      • Cheshire Cat
      • and more

         Office and school Collection was a must.

        • Bookbags
        • Pencil bags
        • And much more!


        Last thing I knew my store grew to list over 25,000 products and adding new products daily to cater to all my customer's needs. Taking a step back I believe I achieved my goal of providing variety, unique, high quality, low-cost wholesale items.

         I also achieved my cat loving desire of being able to find all the cat-themed products all in one place. I hope my fellow cat lovers enjoy these products as much as I do!

        Thank you so much for stopping by. If you are looking for something in particular? Let us know what we are missing. Contact us and we will do our best to try and locate it especially for you and within your budget. 

         Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

        Gina Vince


        The Cat's Meow Superstore